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Since our establishment in year 2000, Afloat Flood Services has been providing the community in Lake Elsinore with water damage, mold remediation, and sewage abatement services that have exceeded expectations. Not only do we service home owners, our quick and efficient services extend to business owners as well; which has earned us the reputation as the insured service provider for water damage services in Lake Elsinore. We'll make sure that the job is done right and your expectations are always met with high levels of quality and expertise.

Flooding in Lake Elsinore could be a very serious issue so our goal is to address your water damage assessment as soon as possible. From shoveling contaminated dirt to removing household furniture, our comprehensive flood removal services covers everything from start to finish and any required services in between. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time around and ensure the necessary procedures are carried out to combat flooding in your home or business. It is important to let the professionals assess your flood situation as excess water left behind could lead to the growth of mold.

If there are any signs of mold development in your home, give us a call immediately for an inspection as mold can be very dangerous to your health if left untreated. Afloat Flood Services supplies our technicians with the proper equipment that could detect molds that vary from black, gray, white or green. Characterized by its musty smell, mold can develop and grow in areas that often go unnoticed such as areas in your laundry room, closet, or basement crevices. If you feel that your home may have damp areas that could encourage mold formation, it may be wise to invest in a dehumidifier to keep those areas dry. Overexposure to mold could lead to health conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, and lung infections, so it is important you give us a call if you suspect that mold be growing in your home.

Afloat Flood Services also proudly offers sewage abatement services that is both safe and effective. Sewage waste invasions most often leads to a dangerous type of water damage called "Black Water Flood" which requires special training to combat. Our team will ensure that all sewage waste is carefully removed and the area is sanitized before our job is finished. In addition to our sewage abatement service training, our team holds W.R.T and Hazwoper certifications that ensure we employ the proper procedures necessary for safe and effective sewage waster removal.

Afloat Flood Services is a certified company listed with the I.I.R.C which ensures that our team is provided with continuous training in the industry's latest regulations and practices. Our general building contractor license (state license #937405) allows us to properly perform any water damage, mold remediation, or sewage abatement services in Lake Elsinore. With over 18 years of industry leading experience, Afloat Flood Services staffs a fully licensed and insured team that is ready to handle any water damage issues you may have; ranging from leaking or broken water pipes, toilet overflows, leaking water heaters, washing machine leaks, or irregular dishwasher functions. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure any water damage issues will be addressed promptly with urgency and care. Give us a call at 951-691-8049 for your onsite inspection for flood restoration, mold remediation, or sewage abatement needs in Lake Elsinore!