Water Damage Restoration

Water leaking through 2nd story ceiling to floor below
We recently had the opportunity to work on a home in Murrieta that had some of the worst water damage we have ever seen in a residential structure.

First Contact:

Received a call from a homeowner in Murrieta, and informed us his whole house was flooded. We responded to the loss in under an hour. Upon arriving at the house, I walked the job with the homeowner. The home is 2 stories, with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The water damage was so bad that this is what we call a catastrophic loss.
Flooded floor

What caused the water damage?

The cause of the flooding was due to a water supply line that broke while the homeowner was on vacation. A neighbor called the homeowner and let them know that water was running down the driveway and out the sides of the house. We estimated that the pipe had leaked water for over 48 hours before it went noticed by the neighbor.
The homeowner had turned the water off prior to our arrival, but water was still releasing through the ceiling to the upstairs.

Remediation Plan:

At that point we made a remediation plan beginning with making openings in the downstairs ceilings to help release the water that was trapped. Our technicians began extracting standing water from carpeting and tile from the upstairs and downstairs. This water damage was so bad that water would splash as you walked around the house, and that is no exaggeration.
Water damaged cabinets being removed We then made arrangements for a complete pack-out of contents and furnishings, and the separation of salvageable and non-salvageable items. We kept the non-salvageable items so the insurance company could inspect them and then place a dollar value on replacing the costs. The pack-out took several days, we also setup equipment to prevent any mold from growing during this process. When the pack-out was completed, we sent a full crew in as all downstairs cabinets had to be removed, the downstairs ceilings had to be removed to allow drying of the floor above, drywall had to be stripped from the walls, and all carpet padding had to be removed.
Dehumidifiers working on drying structure

Structural Drying Equipment:

When removal of non-salvageable materials was completed, we set up the following drying equipment to dry the structure:
  • De-humidifiers
  • Air scrubbers to improve air quality in the home
  • Air movers (commercial fans)
Complete clean-up was done. The entire process from the call to the end result was 7 days. At that point, the home was ready for reconstruction.
This was one of the most devastating jobs that we have ever seen that did not involve just tearing the house down. The homeowners were astonished that we were able to get the home ready for reconstruction in such a short period of time.
If you would like to see more pictures from this catastrophic water damage job, check out the slideshow here.
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